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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted in Life,Love,Nostalgia,Pensive by tommy on November 26, 2009
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Hope you guys have plenty to be thankful for this year! May this upcoming year bring you much prosperity, good health, and good relations with everyone in your lives!


It’s getting cold

Posted in Life,Nostalgia,Pensive,weather by tommy on November 12, 2009
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and all I can think about is getting a new jacket. Old Navy has 50% off all outerwear, they have this good looking peacoat for $40 after the discount but it’s a charcoal…I don’t know if I want a charcoal one as much as I want a black one

God, i love fall & winter. In fact, i just LOVE having season’s again… As much as I love So-Cal, this is something that I haven’t had ever since my move from Edmonton.

I was at Sephora yesterday, I got a sample vial of Versace Eau Fraiche! I’m quite certain this is now one of my new favourite smells. On monday @ Johnny D’s I was wearing some Emporio Armani Diamonds and I thought it was perfect for night use…just not for going out to a bar, even less so for trivia night. I am a little disappointed no one noticed! MY POOR EGO! haha (just kidding)


I’m back

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I don’t really know why I have neglected this as much as I have. I’ll try and update it more often, but we’ll see how that ends up…

For now, i’m baaaack!