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I’m back

Posted in Uncategorized by tommy on November 4, 2009

I don’t really know why I have neglected this as much as I have. I’ll try and update it more often, but we’ll see how that ends up…

For now, i’m baaaack!


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  1. Jepo said,

    I’m waiting and expecting a clever blog since you haven’t written in here for months =P Beware!! I do check! lol

  2. tommy said,

    oh wow haha, what are the chances that the day I update it…you comment me! or do you check everyday? REGARDLESS, what’s up Jen?

  3. Jepo said,

    haha. I must say that the chances are pretty low with the updating and etc lol. It must have been a totally fluke and coincidence.

    I’m good. I’m still waiting to see a good, well written blog, especially from a harvard master student. Topic could be about COol AwEsOmE Jen! =D lol jk!!


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