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DJ Fresh feat. Stamina MC & Koko (Drum and Bass)

Probably the video of the year for me!


I’m back

Posted in Uncategorized by tommy on November 4, 2009

I don’t really know why I have neglected this as much as I have. I’ll try and update it more often, but we’ll see how that ends up…

For now, i’m baaaack!

Saturday morning at Harvard

Posted in Life,Pensive,Uncategorized,weather by tommy on December 13, 2008
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Good morning! My professor planned a random Saturday session and, as a result, I had to make the trek all the way out to Cambridge at such an insane hour for a Saturday morning. The T-ride to Harvard isn’t too bad as much as the trolley ride (and unenviable waiting in the cold for the sporadically-scheduled trolley to come), but with the temperature being in the mid-20’s*F, it was a nice change. Once again this week, it feels like winter!

I was the first person to arrive this morning and the building was locked. Class was at 10AM and i was here at 9:45. Between the awkward getting caught in pictures taken by tourists, i managed to find an unwilling security guard to open up the door to Mass Hall. A few shivers and some persuading later, I finally got him to open it up. My classroom overlooks Harvard yard, the main area of campus where people usually walk in. The winter sun shining made it look unbelievable; this is a reason why I like fall & autumn more than spring & summer.

I’m in class as I write this, I just wanted to point out what i’ve been up to this morning and how beautiful this winter sun makes everything look. I have in mind a few entries that i was going to write but just like everything else I have to write, i have to jump on that willingness to write the moment It gets in my head because if I wait, it’s hard for me to want to do it. Oops!

I’ll write more later today or tomorrow in the afternoon…for now, enjoy these pictures I took!




As the sun sets…

Posted in Uncategorized by tommy on December 8, 2008

These 2 pictures were taken from the cell phone as I awaited the trolley. The sun setting behind the old factories, another cold day has ended…