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It’s getting cold

Posted in Life,Nostalgia,Pensive,weather by tommy on November 12, 2009
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and all I can think about is getting a new jacket. Old Navy has 50% off all outerwear, they have this good looking peacoat for $40 after the discount but it’s a charcoal…I don’t know if I want a charcoal one as much as I want a black one

God, i love fall & winter. In fact, i just LOVE having season’s again… As much as I love So-Cal, this is something that I haven’t had ever since my move from Edmonton.

I was at Sephora yesterday, I got a sample vial of Versace Eau Fraiche! I’m quite certain this is now one of my new favourite smells. On monday @ Johnny D’s I was wearing some Emporio Armani Diamonds and I thought it was perfect for night use…just not for going out to a bar, even less so for trivia night. I am a little disappointed no one noticed! MY POOR EGO! haha (just kidding)