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The end of the beginning of a winter day

Posted in Life,Nostalgia,Pensive,weather by tommy on December 7, 2009
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It was the end of a day. An ending that came at the beginning of a cold, long winter. When you step outside you can feel it, you can see it, and you can breath it.

I stepped outside and almost instantaneously, you’re taken aback by the frigid air. You’re breathing and it exhales almost like smoke, except this won’t kill you. It was almost dark. I had forgotten how “late” it had gotten, although it was only quarter till 5. We don’t have it nearly as bad here as they do where I’m from in Canada. I’m a nocturnal kind of guy anyway, I really enjoy being out when it’s dark

Amidst the glow of the setting sun, I admire the way that it looks outside. It was warm enough today to melt some snow although the field was still white and our side of the street still had 75% snow. Even though it was almost dark, it didn’t seem that dark outside. The setting sun gave the snow covered fields life, a life that exists only at this time of the year.

I had started to shiver even more. Even though I had only been outside a brief moment, the cold air surrounding me made it feel as if I had been outside for hours. I was captivated by the moment and I just wanted to stand there. I got walked down the stairs and got into my car. I had to let my car warm up before I was able to drive anyway. The hues of the sky, seeping through the clouds that had covered the sky most of the day were all different shades of oranges, purples and reds. It was a tease. Cotton candy skies always do a good job of taking your breath away but this tease was planned as if to not take away from everything else I had been admiring upon stepping foot outside.

I like winter time. You forget all about your problems after the first snowfall. Everything is pure, everything feels clean. I wish it was like this all the time just so I know I wouldn’t take life for granted. I’ll just have to remember to cover up more warmly next time!


It’s getting cold

Posted in Life,Nostalgia,Pensive,weather by tommy on November 12, 2009
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and all I can think about is getting a new jacket. Old Navy has 50% off all outerwear, they have this good looking peacoat for $40 after the discount but it’s a charcoal…I don’t know if I want a charcoal one as much as I want a black one

God, i love fall & winter. In fact, i just LOVE having season’s again… As much as I love So-Cal, this is something that I haven’t had ever since my move from Edmonton.

I was at Sephora yesterday, I got a sample vial of Versace Eau Fraiche! I’m quite certain this is now one of my new favourite smells. On monday @ Johnny D’s I was wearing some Emporio Armani Diamonds and I thought it was perfect for night use…just not for going out to a bar, even less so for trivia night. I am a little disappointed no one noticed! MY POOR EGO! haha (just kidding)


Saturday morning at Harvard

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Good morning! My professor planned a random Saturday session and, as a result, I had to make the trek all the way out to Cambridge at such an insane hour for a Saturday morning. The T-ride to Harvard isn’t too bad as much as the trolley ride (and unenviable waiting in the cold for the sporadically-scheduled trolley to come), but with the temperature being in the mid-20’s*F, it was a nice change. Once again this week, it feels like winter!

I was the first person to arrive this morning and the building was locked. Class was at 10AM and i was here at 9:45. Between the awkward getting caught in pictures taken by tourists, i managed to find an unwilling security guard to open up the door to Mass Hall. A few shivers and some persuading later, I finally got him to open it up. My classroom overlooks Harvard yard, the main area of campus where people usually walk in. The winter sun shining made it look unbelievable; this is a reason why I like fall & autumn more than spring & summer.

I’m in class as I write this, I just wanted to point out what i’ve been up to this morning and how beautiful this winter sun makes everything look. I have in mind a few entries that i was going to write but just like everything else I have to write, i have to jump on that willingness to write the moment It gets in my head because if I wait, it’s hard for me to want to do it. Oops!

I’ll write more later today or tomorrow in the afternoon…for now, enjoy these pictures I took!